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Difference between a planetary concrete mixer and twin-shaft mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2018/06/29

The advantage of the planetary concrete mixer over the twin-shaft mixer is that its stirring arm has a more complex and denser trajectory, almost no stirring dead angle, more agitation of the material, and no shaft seal problems. It is very suitable for high performance and Stirring of dry and hard materials is currently mainly used in the field of pipe piles, prefabricated components, ceramics, bricks, and so on. The advantages of twin-shaft concrete mixers relative to planetary mixers are high in efficiency, more energy-efficient, and they are universally applied. Parts are relatively easy to find.


planetary mixer  twin-shaft concrete mixer

       MP concrete planetary mixer                                              CTS/JS twin shaft concrete mixer

concrete planetary mixer production advantages:
First of all, the planetary mixer uses a planetary stirring device, that is, the stirring arm is revolved and rotated at the same time, and the stirring trajectory realizes the entire mixing tube to ensure that the stirring has no dead angle and no inefficient zone, so that the material is stirred more uniformly and the stirring motion is more intense. Meet the quality requirements of cement preforms with very high homogeneity requirements.
    Secondly, considering the use cost, the planetary concrete mixer blade adopts a parallelogram design structure. When the agitator wears to a certain degree, it can rotate 180 degrees and continue to be used repeatedly. The vertical axis planetary over-loader greatly reduces the customer's easy consumption. The cost of accessories; the stirring arm adopts a clip-type structure design to increase the usage rate of the blade as much as possible. The streamlined design of the mixing arm reduces the chance of material arming, and a special wear-resistant sheath is designed to extend the life of the stirring arm.
    Therefore, for prefabricated cement products, including pipe galleries, pipe piles, and various pieces of PC prefabricated components, the use of a vertical shaft planetary mixer as the mixing station for the mixing machine is the best choice.
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Twin  shaft mixer production advantages:
    The traditional concrete production adopts automatic production line equipment, which generally adopts a twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, which is suitable for mixing large quantities of commercial concrete mixing industry. It is characterized by high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, mature technology, certain price advantages and technology accumulation. The advantage has always been that it is the first choice for the use of the standard business.
    In the construction of cast-in-place concrete, there is a secondary mixing section in the transport of commercial concrete tankers, so the homogeneity standard for one-time stirring is not high. In the production of prefabricated components, only by increasing the homogeneity of one-time stirring can the finished product's scrap rate be reduced to achieve the high quality of the customer's finished products. Therefore, the planetary mixer with vertical axis has superior planetary agitation performance compared to the twin-shaft forced type. Concrete mixers are more suitable for the stirring of precast concrete.
    Therefore, different merchants can use suitable concrete mixing stations according to concrete production requirements, which can not only take into account the production cost but also guarantee the purpose of achieving product quality and quality requirements.
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