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Excellent performance of planetary concrete mixer for manufacturing UHPC

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/19
UHPC has been used on a large scale in recent years. UHPC can be used in the production of electric poles, external wall hanging boards, evacuation platforms, and bridge construction. Naturally, the mixers that produce ultra-high performance concrete has received more and more attention.
General mixers can also produce UHPC, but the quality of the UHPC produced by general mixers is definitely not as good as the UHPC produced by the planetary mixer. For example, the quality of UHPC produced by ordinary mixers is very rough, and problems such as agglomeration, fiber agglomeration, and uneven materials may occur.
Under the requirements of high production efficiency and high quality, planetary mixers specialized in processing UHPC are the preferred choice.
planetary concrete mixer     planetary concrete mixer

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