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Fly ash curing equipment— twin shaft fly ash mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/31
The fly ash generated by garbage incineration is hazardous waste. If it is not controlled, it will cause very serious air pollution and even cause harm to the human body. In response to this environmental phenomenon, CO-NELE has produced a complete set of special fly ash curing equipment, mainly for fly ash produced by power plants and medical waste incineration.
The fly ash processing production line has been vigorously promoted in the country, and with the continuous development of the industry, its technology is getting higher and higher. For the treatment of fly ash, cement is generally used as a curing material, and it is uniformly mixed with fly ash to form a resource-based product which can be applied in other industries. The fly ash processing system is an economical and large-capacity equipment which adopts a twin shaft concrete mixer as the main engine and can realize low-cost and high-efficiency mixing.
The fly ash curing equipment is mature. The special spiral mixing structure greatly improves the efficiency of mixing cement and fly ash. The three-dimensional mixing effect realizes the technical advantage of no dead ends, and the performance of the fly ash after curing treatment is more stable which can be used directly for garbage filling. The design and use of CO-NELE fly ash curing equipment has played a very good role in environmental protection and the application of new technologies.
CO-NELE fly ash curing and stabilization process operation is a very feasible and practical method and equipment at present, and CO-NELE will continue to produce better equipment.
twin shaft concrete mixer   twin shaft concrete mixer

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