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Forced Concrete mixer discharge gate leakage pulp Problem Solution

Autior : conele Time : 2018/07/10
Core Tip: The forced concrete mixer is faulty. When the mixing is found, there is a collision sound. After the diagnosis, it may be caused by the mixing or shovel loosening or warping, which may cause the collision with the mixing drum. You can use the fastening shovel or scraper. The connecting bolts are solved, repaired, and the gap between the mixing shovel, the squeegee and the cylinder wall is adjusted.
 Collision sound when there is forced concrete mixing
the reason:
The shovel or scraper is loose or warped causing it to collide with the mixing drum.
Tighten the connecting bolts of the mixing shovel or scraper, overhaul, adjust the gap between the mixing shovel, the scraper and the wall of the drum.
Second, the mixing shovel does not work abnormally
the reason:
1. The buffer spring of the stirring device is invalid.
2. There are large particles in the mixture to catch the mixing shovel.
3, too much feed, power overload.
Compulsory concrete mixer trouble shooting:
1. Replace the spring.
2. Clear the materials of the card game.
3. Feed according to the specified feed capacity.
3. The discharge of the discharge door during the operation of the forced concrete mixer
the reason:
1. The sealing door is not tightly closed.
2. The residual adhesive around the discharge door is too thick.
Discharge method:
1. Adjust the bolts under the unloading bottom plate to make the discharge door tightly closed.
2. Remove residual bonding materials.
4. The hopper of the forced concrete mixer is not running smoothly.
the reason:
1. The feeding track is not warped, and the hopper roller is in poor contact.
Discharge method:
1. Check and adjust the two tracks so that the track is straight and the rail faces are parallel.
5. When the hopper of the forced concrete mixer rises past the point up, the traction mechanism is pulled.
the reason:
1. Automatic limit failure.
2. The automatic limit baffle deforms without functioning.
1. Repair or replace the limit device.
2. Adjust the limit baffle.
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