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Four advantages of JS1000 Twin-shaft Concrete mixer plant

Autior : conele Time : 2018/06/26
The theoretical productivity of the JS1000 concrete mixing plant can reach 60m3/h, that is, the HZS60 concrete mixing plant is a fully automatic concrete mixing equipment. The mixing plant has a small footprint, flexible installation and high production efficiency, and can be widely used in road and bridge piers and water conservancy projects. Electricians, small and medium-sized construction projects and other occasions are extremely cost-effective.
 JS1000 Twin-shaft Concrete mixer
twin-shaft concrete mixer Product advantages:
1. High-performance mixing host equipped with high wear-resisting metal stirring arms, extending life by 3-5 times
2, professional dust collection system and secondary dust collection technology, dust recovery rate of up to 99%
3. Discharging is the use of double cylinders to open the door, discharge faster and more convenient, and reduce the failure rate.
4. Reducer adopts the most advanced planetary type to make its operation more stable