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Functional Intensive Foundry Sand Mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/06/02

Performance characteristics of CO-NELE Intensive Foundry Sand Mixer:

1. Flexible configuration scheme: There are many application industries for the CO-NELE tilt mixer, so the configuration of the mixer should be flexible and diverse. For example, the mixing device in the mixer, the lining plate blades can be selected from different materials, can be anti-corrosion The best, wear-resistant application design, coating for different parts of use, the use of protective layers.

2. Reliable use performance: For different materials in different industries, different levels of stirring functions need to be realized, and CO-NELE has added different stirring devices to improve the efficiency of equipment use.


                                       Functional Intensive Foundry Sand Mixer                          Functional Intensive Foundry Sand Mixer

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