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Intensive Mixer Made by CO-NELE Used for Pellet Mixing

Autior : conele Time : 2020/06/02

The traditional pelletizing line mixing system uses a traditional mixer. Conventional mixers need to consume a considerable amount of electrical energy to mix the pellets evenly, and the operating cost is very high. Due to the heavy load of the mixing equipment of this equipment, the equipment failure rate is very high, and the corresponding equipment maintenance and use costs are very high. In general, the traditional pellet strong mixer is expensive to use, which is not conducive to cost control.


                                          Intensive Mixer

Advantages of CO-NELE intensive mixer: CO-NELE intensive mixer is a double-acting operation, so the machine has a significant effect in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The frequency conversion treatment of the pellet mixer is helpful to reduce power consumption, ensure reliable output, improve the raw material mixing process, and obtain materials more conducive to pellet manufacturing.


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