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Introduction of fly ash curing concrete mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/10
Fly ash curing concrete mixer is the equipment for curing fly ash in response to the call of environmental protection.  The curing process is a solid matter formed by mixing a certain curing agent and fly ash, and the product after curing and stabilizing the fly ash can be reused as resources.
 The curing treatment of fly ash is to use a mixer to professionally stir the fly ash mixture. After a series of working procedures, the processed product will have stable high quality, mature technology, simple operation, and low cost. Fly ash curing concrete mixer is an equipment that integrates storage, metering, and mixing, including control room, metering system, mixing system, storage bin, etc.
twin shaft concrete mixer    twin shaft concrete mixer
 Technical characteristics of CO-NELE fly ash curing concrete mixer:
 (1) Using a microcomputer control system, equipped with high-quality load-bearing instruments, fast calculation speed and high measurement accuracy.
 (2) Adopting the main machine of twin-shaft mixer, the mixing speed is fast and the mixing quality is good.
 (3) Advanced manufacturing technology ensures the stability and reliability of the system.
 (4 Humanized design makes operation easier and management easier.

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