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Is the concrete planetary mixer unloading pneumatically or hydraulically discharged?

Autior : conele Time : 2018/05/19
In accordance with the different requirements of customers, CO-NELE Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. designed the unloading device as a pneumatically-operated switch discharge gate and a hydraulic-dynamic switch discharge gate. According to the requirements of production line layout and output, the number of discharge doors is designed as a multi-discharge door. Whether it is pneumatic or hydraulic discharge, a special sealing device is designed on the discharge door to ensure its tight sealing and reliable control. For example, in a prefabricated building production, in order to increase the production efficiency, a double door hydraulic discharge is usually performed according to the customer's demand. Discharge gates are generally divided into 180 degrees;
Then the question is again whether to use a pneumatic discharge device or a hydraulic discharge device.
This mainly depends on the production investment. If the capital is sufficient, it is better to use hydraulic discharge because there will be no phenomenon of discharge jam due to lack of pneumatics. The equipment of the hydraulic unloading device of the complete set of equipment is slightly more expensive than the pneumatic unloading device. However, for long-term economic benefits, this series recommends the use of hydraulic discharge.