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JS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer for sale

Autior : conele Time : 2018/10/16

  JS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer

  JS series twin shaft concrete mixer introduction

  1.CO-NELE Twin-shaft concrete mixers are double horizontal axles forced mixers with two advantages of independent performance or forming simple concrete mixing plants with PLD series of batching machines.

  2.CO-NELE Twin-shaft concrete mixers adopt involute planetary gear reducer; the gimbals transmission shaft insures circumgyrate at the same speed in-phase of the two mixing shafts.

  3.CO-NELE Twin-shaft concrete mixers adopt hydraulic manual device which can be used for discharging when power lost emergently. The TE switch made in French, reliable and durable.

  4.CO-NELE Twin-shaft concrete mixers adopt monitored control system which can monitor the amount and temperature of oil in reduction gear box and discharging pump. Meanwhile, the running mixer can be remotely monitored in the operation room.

  5.CO-NELE Twin-shaft concrete mixers adopt four-class sealing system which can prevent coarse sand, water and concrete contact with the shaft end and prolong the service life of the concrete mixer.

  6.CO-NELE Twin-shaft concrete mixers adopt hexagonal mixing shaft as standard design which has optimized torsional and bending strength.

  CO-NELE Company will supply our best quality products and “turn-key” service for each of our customers.

  JS series twin shaft concrete mixer spare parts







  1.Mixing blades and scale liner:Adopt high-rigidity and high-tenacity wearable cast alloy steel to prolong the service time, which also is optimized torsional and bending strength.

  2.Axle-end seal:Adopt original-imported parts installation to avoid cement and slurry enters in shaft-head so that extending the service life of concrete mixer.

  3.Synchronizer:Original imported form Italy to ensure the synchronous running of mixing arms.

  4.Reducer:Reducer and oil sealing system is made by Italy BONFIGLIOLI, they are special designed for SINOSUN concrete mixer, features for long service life, lower noise and oil tightness.

  5.Hydraulic Discharging System:Hydraulic discharging system; Strong driving force; Discharging smoothly; Discharging gate adopted disassemble structure, easy for reparation, the gate could be opened at each standpoint; A manual lever allows the gate to be opened if power is lost.

  6. Electric Lubricating Pump:Supplying oil to four axle-ends respectively with four pump cores, without by-pass valve to avoid blocking, is decreasing the work of reparation and maintenance.

  7.Four-class sealing protection:Adopt imported reliable axial seal and all sealing parts are easy to be removed and replaced. It’s also suitable for bad work conditions for little daily maintenance.

  8.Observation windows:Full width access hatch allows easy access; includes high security positive disconnect lock.