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Js2000 twin shaft concrete mixer mixing advantages & latest technology

Autior : conele Time : 2018/08/14


Js2000 concrete mixer mixing advantages

  Js2000 concrete mixer, the industry's evaluation of him has always been a cost-effective mature mixing machine. In the concrete industry, such a device is required, and it is not required to have a high degree of mixing uniformity, but the stirring speed must be fast, the stirring efficiency must be high, and the mixing quality is also good, such as commercial concrete.

  The js2000 concrete mixer has high practical value. The mixer consists of two horizontally arranged circular trough-shaped mixing drums arranged horizontally. Two mixing shafts rotating in opposite directions are arranged in the mixing drum, and several sets of stirring blades are installed on the two shafts to stir. The positional arrangement and number setting of the blades are based on data from multiple tests, so that the mixing material can obtain consistent agitation in the mixing drum.

     On the one hand, the js2000 concrete mixer flips the mixture at the bottom and the middle of the mixing drum upwards, and on the other hand pushes the mixture forward and backward along the axis, and adds the physical collision of the material itself at the mixing junction, the mixture is quickly and evenly distributed. Stir. It can also be said that the twin-shaft forced concrete mixer has two kinds of self-falling and forced mixing functions, good stirring effect, good wear resistance and low energy consumption, and it is suitable to make a large-capacity mixer.

  js2000 concrete mixer

Js2000 concrete mixer use range:

  It can be combined with concrete batching machine to form a simple concrete mixing station, or it can be applied to all kinds of highways, railways, bridges, water conservancy and hydropower projects, etc. It can mix dry hard, plastic, fluid and lightweight aggregate concrete. The ideal new energy-efficient construction equipment model.

 Precast concrete batching plant

Js2000 twin shaft concrete mixer The latest improvement technology:


Shaft end seal

  The labyrinth seal structure consisting of a floating oil seal ring and a special seal and mechanical seal can prevent sand and stone from entering;

  The mechanical seal is provided with a sealing protection plate to keep the oil pressure stable, so that the mud is not close to the shaft head and prolong the service life of the mixer;

  Integral assembly, easy to remove and replace.


Agitating shaft bearing

  The spindle bearing and the shaft end seal are separated and designed. When the shaft end seal is damaged, it will not affect the normal operation of the bearing;

  This design facilitates the removal and replacement of the shaft end seal.

2000 concrete mixer