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Judgment standard for planetary concrete mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/04
1. It can meet the mixing requirements of various materials For various types of materials, the planetary concrete mixer can meet the mixing requirements. The appropriate speed and strength can be selected according to the nature of the material to ensure that the original form of the material is not destroyed;
 2. High degree of automation.  The planetary concrete mixer uses computer integrated operation, which can save labor.  The work of the machine promotes the movement of the material in the cylinder, and the material moves in the planetary motion in the cylinder, and the mixing uniformity is high.
planetary concrete mixer
 3. The overall quality of the mixed materials is good.  The overall design of the mixer meets the homogenization requirements, with compact structure, convenient operation, rapid discharge, sturdiness and durability, stable operation, and can be flexibly arranged in various production lines.
 4. Meet environmental protection requirements.  The planetary concrete mixer adopts an effective sealing device with good sealing performance and no slurry leakage problem.  The machine avoids waste of energy and reduces pollution emissions during use, which is very beneficial to environmental protection.
planetary concrete mixer

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