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MP750 planetary concrete mixer with lifting hopper for sale

Autior : conele Time : 2018/08/24



  CMP750 counter-current planetary mixer can mix all kinds of high-quality and high performance concrete, and which can reach homogenous mixing at shortest time. It can also be used for glass, ceramics, refractories, fertilizer and etc.

  MP750 concrete planetary mixer

Working principle:

  The concept of counter-current mixing makes the complex mixing locus, severe mixing and high-efficient result. The rotate direction of mixing stars is reversed with the revolution direction, and each mixing star's direction is also different. The circulation movement and convective movement make the material severely mixing. The counter-surrent and impact can avoid material agglomeration and make the material thoroughly mixing and achieve the uniform distribution in microcosm.



  The new and compacted designed gearbox is more sturdy and durable. Improved rotation sealing device with electric lubrication pump can prolong the service life of sealing parts and reduce the routine maintenance.

  Large upper port in the cover can help gearbox out directly, no need to disassemble any feeding device, which can also sharply improve the maintenance space. The huge maintenance gate is convenient for worker's access and wearing parts replacement. The improved cover sealing structure can improve the dust prevention;

  The optimized designed shape, size and installation angle of the mixing blade and the improvement of mixing arms' structure make the high-efficient mixing, reasonable load distribution of gearing system and fast and thorough discharging;

  The hydraulic unit equipped with manual pump allows the door be opened in case of electricity failure. The key-operated emergency stop in the junction box can stop the mixer immediately in case of emergency. Take off the key in maintenance to ensure the safety;

  The observe port on the maintenance gate can help to observe the mixing confition during mixing running. The high-reliable and high-sensitive safety switch guarantees the motor can not be powered with gate open;

Planetary concrete mixer with lifting hopper


Technical Parameter

Model CMP750
Output Capacity (L) 750
Input Capacity (L) 1125
Output Mass (kg) 1800
Mixing Power (kw) 30
Discharge Power (kw) 2.2
Scraper (nr) 1/3
Side Paddle (nr) 1
Discharge Paddle 1
Lifting Power (kw) 7.5
Skipper Capacity (L) 1300
Skipper Mass (kg) 1950