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Main points of concrete mixer production for PC factory prefabricated components

Autior : conele Time : 2018/07/11
Concrete mixer mixing is an important production link of the PC factory. It is the first of the three major factors of mixing, steel and production lines. Its importance is reflected in the following aspects:
1. Concrete is the main body of PC components, and its composition directly affects the steaming time of the components and the strength of the components after steaming;
2. Concrete is one of the components of the production line, and its slump has a great influence on the production cycle;
3. The concrete mixing plant is part of the entire plant and its on-site management level affects the entire production system management.
4. The proportion of concrete materials in all purchased materials is large. It is especially important to strengthen the management of these materials and reduce waste.
Precast concrete mixing plant
Precast concrete mixing plant
concrete mixing precautions
In the PC component factory, mixing concrete with traditional on-site mixing and commercial concrete mixing is similar to the mixing process. Pay attention to the following problems in management:
1. Accuracy of various material ratios
The concrete is composed of sandstone, aggregate, mineral powder, water and admixture. The various components must strictly implement the process standard, and the error should be controlled at ±1%.
2. Concrete slump
Production efficiency is an important indicator of the production of prefabricated components in the factory, mainly reflected in the production cycle, and the slump of concrete has a great impact on the production cycle. The slump of the concrete used in the production line is generally controlled at 140±20. If the slump is too large, it will increase the pre-nursing time, which will eventually lead to prolonged production cycle and decrease in production capacity. Conversely, if the slump is too small, it will easily cause the cloth machine to clog, directly causing the production line to stop production, and at the same time, due to the relative prolonged time. Increasing the difficulty of smoothing the surface after pre-nurturing will also lead to prolonged production tempo and reduced production capacity. Therefore, in actual operation, the slump of concrete should be strictly controlled.
Cement pipeDouble T boardPrefabricated parts
3. Aggregate particle size
The production line adopts the automatic cloth machine fabric. Due to the speciality of the equipment, if the particle size is too large, it will cause the clogging of the cloth machine and affect the production. Therefore, it must be strictly checked during material procurement and inspection.
4. Coordination of work
The work of the mixing station is to provide raw materials for the production line, so the staff of the mixing station should always pay attention to the demand of the production line, in order to set the production. If it is stirred excessively, the excess concrete will condense in the mixer or the transport trolley; if the amount of mixing is insufficient, the production line will be discontinued intermittently.
5. Workshop site management
Although it is generally believed that the disturbance of concrete mixing site is normal, there is a big difference in environmental sanitation between plant site management and site management. Factory management must be strictly managed in accordance with 5S requirements, pay attention to civilized construction.