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New Type Laboratory Planetary Concrete Mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/06/02

The laboratory concrete mixer machine is streamlined in many aspects, and the flexible configuration selection pays more attention to the user's experience. The new hardware design of the mixer, combined with high-precision transmission devices, more stable motors, and deceleration facilities, the laboratory concrete mixer guarantees the reliability of the equipment on the basic device and ensures that the optimized technical design can be fully utilized.

The laboratory concrete mixer is still equipped with a single motor drive of the vertical axis planetary mixer, mainly because the stable transmission of this mixer is conducive to the effective performance of precise mixing and the mixing materials are more uniform.

The entire frame of the laboratory concrete mixer is welded with stainless steel, the appearance is more beautiful, the whole machine is strong and stable. The operation of the laboratory concrete mixer is more user-friendly, which improves the overall applicability from the details.

                                                  laboratory planetary concrete mixer


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