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New advantages of vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer made by CO-NELE

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/20
Vertical shaft planetary concrete mixers are currently widely used in the concrete industry, building materials industry, refractory industry, ceramic ceramsite, glass products and other industries.
The vertical shaft mixer improves the production efficiency of the equipment through the dual effects of vertical and planetary mixing. The overall style of the vertical shaft mixer and the progress of manufacturing technology promote the improvement of the comprehensive production capacity of the mixer. The structure configuration and advanced technology of the vertical shaft mixer have laid a solid foundation for high-quality production.
The vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer manufactured by CO-NELE strengthens the production structure configuration according to the characteristics of various high-strength concrete, which can make various forms of materials to be produced with high uniformity. The upgrading processing of the vertical shaft mixer production structure configuration is mainly reflected in the advanced unloading device, upgraded observation port, wear-resistant equipment selection, etc. Various strengthening treatments will continue to improve the advantages of the vertical shaft planetary mixer, and play in more industries effect.
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