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PC precast concrete mixing plant parameters

Autior : conele Time : 2020/05/08

The concrete mixing host adopts vertical axis planetary concrete mixer;

1. The host uses high-end concrete mixing equipment-vertical axis planetary mixer;

2. Adopt specially designed and developed vertical shaft planetary reducer to ensure all-round, uniform and high-quality mixing effect;

3. The host machine is reliable and wear-resistant, the mixing is fast and even, the working life of the mixing shovel is not less than 30,000 cans, and the life of the lining board is not less than 50,000 cans;

precast concrete batching plant

4. Multiple discharge ports can be designed, and the discharge door can be opened manually. When a sudden failure or temporary power failure occurs, the material can be manually shoveled from the discharge port;

precast concrete batching plant

5. Safety device: There are maintenance ports on both sides of the host, and the access cover and the power supply have interlocking devices. When the access cover is opened, the power supply is cut off, and the supporting host cannot be used;

precast concrete batching plant

6. Stirring particle size: ≤80 mm, the stirring machine has the ability to overload 10% instantly.