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Performance analysis of the special concrete mixer for precast concrete mixing plant

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/26
In recent years, cement product mixing plant equipment has been widely promoted in some areas of the country. How to quickly seize the market and firmly stay in a strategic position, equipment selection is a key step.
CO-NELE PC prefab mixing plant, cement product mixing plant supporting vertical shaft planetary mixer, high-precision metering system, complete intelligent management system, temperature and humidity control, multiple discharge doors can be set, and multiple concrete product production lines, Green design. In the current industry, the main choice of cement product mixing plant and PC prefab mixing plant is mainly vertical shaft planetary mixer. A planetary mixer can be equipped with a high-pressure automatic cleaning system and has the function of automatic alarm for oil shortage and over-temperature, which is convenient for maintenance.
The vertical shaft planetary mixer has a simple structure, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, long life, and convenient maintenance. It can be used for the mixing of plastic, dry hard, and various mortars. This series of mixers can work independently and form a concrete mixing plant with PLD batches. It is suitable for all kinds of large, medium, and small prefabricated component plants and highway, bridge, water conservancy, wharf, and other projects. It is a highly efficient mixing model.
planetary concrete mixer   planetary concrete mixer

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