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Planetary Concrete Mixer has the Advantage of High Efficiency

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/12
Wide range of applications. The planetary concrete mixer is suitable for mixing a variety of materials, such as, refractory materials, building materials, various aggregate concrete, ceramics, ceramsite, etc.
The mixing quality is good. For various mixing ratios of the mixing materials, the planetary concrete mixer can achieve higher quality decomposition, and complete the homogeneous distribution of each component without damaging the aggregate particles and properties.
Strong mixing expertise. The mixing arm of the planetary mixer adopts a combination of rotation and revolution. The opposite force produced by the two has a greater impact on the material. The mixing track can cover the entire mixing drum, and the material in each corner can be stirred, uniformity higher.
planetary concrete mixer  planetary concrete mixer
The performance and structural design of the planetary concrete mixer are reasonable and meet the requirements of uniformity. The overall design of the machine is compact and there is enough space for material operation.

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