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Prospect of Vertical shaft planetary mixer in refractory production

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/21
The vertical shaft planetary mixer is not only widely used in construction materials and concrete industries, but also can play a strong production advantage in other industries, such as refractory production.
The advanced processing technology, rigorous structural configuration and flexible processing methods of the vertical shaft planetary mixer have laid a strong foundation for processing various refractory materials. The new process direction of the vertical shaft refractory mixer production is to use the advantages of the new planetary mixing to stabilize the uncertain mixing factors generated in the refractory. The rotation and revolution form can largely ensure that the planetary operation will bring high strength to the production material. The mechanical force guarantees the production effect of high homogeneity. The wear-resistant treatment method of the CO-NELE vertical shaft planetary mixer is developed for the production characteristics of refractory materials. According to the complex ratio of refractory materials and production conditions, the durable performance of the equipment is continuously improved to ensure that the equipment can continuously and stably play the equipment. The advantages of production, balance the material quality of production engineering.
CO-NELE machinery vertical shaft planetary mixer is a high-quality refractory mixer. It is precisely because of its continuous innovation and production processing. The role of the new technology in the refractory market is unique. The mixing quality and production efficiency are both obvious. Upgrade, the overall effect of the equipment is even better.
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