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Sludge ceramsite intensive mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2018/07/23
Co-nele CQM Intensive mixer solves the problem of low mixing efficiency of refractory materials, foundry sand and ceramics
In the refractory materials, metallurgy, environmental protection and other industries, there is a process of large mixing amount and high requirement for mixing uniformity. With the large-scale mixing equipment, the mixing efficiency and quality of the equipment become a problem. The co-nele CQM intensive mixer complements this defect.
Sludge ceramsite intensive mixer
Sludge ceramsite intensive mixer with a production capacity of 80,000 m3
Dual motion complex for high precision homogenization
1 mixing barrel rotation to achieve gravity diffusion mixing
The mixing drum rotates rapidly, repeatedly raises the material center, and the material makes hedging, spreading, and covering movements, flipping up and down to eliminate dead angles, promoting macroscopic mixing in the up and down direction, and achieving gravity diffusion type mixing to achieve uniformity.
2 blade rotation to achieve forced mixing
Multi-group blade rotation is used to carry out multi-layer and multi-direction forced shearing and stirring inside the material, and the materials are quickly displaced and exchanged between the microscopic layers to achieve uniformity and fineness. At the same time, the squeegee blades continuously peel off the material remaining at the bottom and edges of the groove to participate in the agitation.
Double-motion composite superposition: superimposed on the basis of material gravity diffusion mixing for forced shear mixing, the mixing uniformity is greatly improved.