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Special Intensive concrete mixer for polypropylene fiber concrete

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/11
The use of polypropylene fiber in the production of concrete is beneficial to improve the function of concrete and strengthen the advantages of concrete in terms of impact resistance, frost resistance, seepage resistance and crack resistance.
The CO-NELE inclined mixer is mainly used for high-efficiency mixing. The inclined mixer adopts advanced strong countercurrent mixing processing, and the mixing drum presents no dead corners and violent compound mixing. The inclined mixer is equipped with a reliable drive device and can be designed with a central discharge method, which makes the inclined mixer have advantages in use.
In recent years, inclined mixers have focused on equipment intelligence and automation, providing a variety of use modes, making the operation of inclined mixers easier and more convenient, and equipped with automatic cleaning devices to provide customers with more convenience.
The effect of the inclined mixer on the polypropylene fiber mortar:
First, ensure that the polypropylene fibers can be evenly distributed on the concrete, and the fibers will not clump. 
Second, the polypropylene fiber mortar produced has good workability and no segregation.
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