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Stable tilting intensive mixer with 500L capacity

Autior : conele Time : 2018/09/17

    CQM500 high Intensive Mixer Parts


Name: Mixing Silo

  Bottom,cover and side walls with smooth finished surfaces for easy cleaning.Individually designed to charge and discharge according to the product parameters and the conditions of installation.


Name: Lubrication Conctrol System

  Applying Tilorms model RF-3 lubrication control system(made in Taiwan),monitoring the hydraulic pump and reducer oil temperature,oil level real-timely.


Name: Mixing Silo Driving Motor

  The mixing silo driving motor is at the bottom of the tank.Power requirement,speed and the type of power transmission are chosen in accordance with the particular application.

   high intensive mixer

Name: Hydraulic Pressure Pump Station

  We use Taiwan Kompass hydraulic pressure pump station to serve the oil cylinder.Normally, since the factors of safety on shipment,the oil will be empty when delivery.