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The Intensive mixer optimizes multiple configuration to show the charm of CO-NELE

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/18
The intensive mixer is a kind of mixing and granulation equipment extended from the powerful mixer. Users who choose granulation equipment are more inclined to mixed granulation equipment with advanced technology, reliable operation and high processing and adaptability. The CO-NELE intensive mixer meets the standards of industry users and can meet customer production requirements. In terms of production efficiency, CO-NELE intensive mixer continuously increases scientific research investment, continuously improves production efficiency, and improves energy utilization under the premise of effective production energy consumption. This not only guarantees production quality, but also highlights the advantages of CO-NELE machinery and equipment.
intensive mixer
CO-NELE intensive mixer is well-made and widely used:
The CO-NELE intensive mixer is made intelligently. Continuously simplify equipment processes and liberate production labor. The structural configuration of the equipment is more refined.
The CO-NELE intensive mixer no longer performs single mixing and granulation work like traditional mixers and granulators. CO-NELE intensive mixer combines the two process characteristics of mixing and granulation, combining multiple processes into one device, and the production efficiency and the quality of production is continuously strengthened.
The CO-NELE intensive mixer completes the granulation work during the mixing process. The mixing tools are used flexibly, and the mixing rotor and mixing drum are used flexibly to create a multi-industry mixing equipment.
intensive mixer

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