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The difference between the self-falling concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/10/06

1. Stirring:

Generally speaking, high-strength concrete or high-performance concrete, as well as those with high requirements for concrete quality and large production volumes, require the use of forced concrete mixers. 

Limited by construction conditions, for example, normal power supply cannot be guaranteed in the field, the amount is small, and the intensity level is generally not high, and the self-falling type is generally used simply because of the fault.
2. Power size:
The self-falling mixer has a simple structure, low power and low productivity; the forced mixer has a larger mixing power, shorter production time and higher productivity.
3. Convenient unloading:
In use, the self-falling mixer requires a lot of labor to transport materials, and the discharge time is longer. And it is difficult to clean the mixing drum.
The discharge door of the forced mixer is installed at the bottom of the mixer, and automatic discharge is realized by pneumatic or hydraulic means. The rotation axis of the discharge door does not coincide with the center line of the mixing drum body to ensure a small eccentric value. This eccentric installation method will facilitate the locking when the door is opened and closed, and reduce the concrete leakage after the discharge door is closed. 
planetary concrete mixer
The forced planetary concrete mixer has high mixing efficiency, low energy consumption, and uniform mixing; the whole machine is well sealed, dust-free, and low noise; the material is discharged quickly and cleanly. Based on the planetary mixing mode, the forced planetary concrete mixer can mix dry materials, semi-dry materials, wet materials, or jelly materials.
planetary concrete mixer


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