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The structure and system of the planetary concrete mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/02
CMP series planetary concrete mixer is manufactured in accordance with the China national standards of industrial machinery, with complete independent intellectual property rights, high mixing efficiency and good mixing quality.
The planetary concrete mixer is mainly composed of a transmission system, a supporting frame, a mixing system, a mixing drum, a discharge system, and a water supply pipeline.
planetary concrete mixer
1. The transmission system consists of a motor, a coupling and a gearbox. 
2. The support frame is composed of an upper support, a lower support, an inspection door, and an inlet (optional).
3. The mixing system is composed of main mixing arm, side scraper arm, bottom scraper arm and main mixing blade, side scraper blade and bottom scraper blade.
4. The mixing drum is composed of a drum body, a drum bottom, and a high-strength wear-resistant liner.
5. Pneumatic unloading or hydraulic unloading can be used for unloading.
6. The water supply pipe is installed on the lower part of the support frame by the water pipe, and a new type of spray head is installed on the water pipe, and the spray water is misty and uniform.
 planetary concrete mixer

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