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The vertical shaft planetary mixer, also known as planetary concrete mixer, is a piece of equipment specially manufactured for concrete mixing.

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/16
When it comes to planetary concrete mixers, the first thing that comes to mind is the planetary mixing mode. The planetary mixer uses the triple configuration of its own mixing shaft, mixing blades, and mixing barrel for high-quality processing effects, so the planetary mixer is very famous in the industry. The vertical shaft planetary mixer is not only famous in the concrete mixing industry, but also attracts attention in other industries, such as refractory materials, prefabricated components, and high-performance concrete industries. The vertical shaft planetary mixer can utilize planetary mixing and high-strength technology in a short time to achieve the required mixing effect of materials.
planetary concrete mixer
The vertical shaft mixer has a multi-functional process, which can perform multi-directional and high-intensity diversified processing of materials. The intelligent adjustment function of mixing time and mixing speed can upgrade the equipment, and use the intelligent control system to convert the complex operation of the equipment and the equipment processing flow. 
planetary concrete mixer
As a special construction and building materials concrete mixing equipment, the vertical planetary concrete mixer has attracted attention since it was put into production. It successfully broke the dominance of the traditional mixer, and drove healthy competition in the mixing machinery industry, and promoted the innovative development of the mixer industry.

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