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Tilting intensive mixer application field

Autior : conele Time : 2018/07/17
The  is a high-efficiency special tilting intensive mixer developed by Shandong Qingdao co-nele Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. combined with German advanced technology, for the characteristics of powdery materials and viscous materials.
intensive mixer
CO-NELE CQM 40 intensive mixer
 the application field
1. Building materials (ceramic lightweight aggregate, ceramsite sand, non-burning ceramsite, autoclaved brick, aerated block, etc.)
Preparation of ceramsite mixture (sludge, fly ash, river mud, desulfurization gypsum, shale, tailings and other industrial solid waste, etc.)
Preparation of autoclaved brick mixture (lime, fly ash, aggregate, calcium carbide sludge, sulphur urea residue, saponification residue, desulfurization gypsum and other industrial waste)
Mixed preparation of dry mortar
Preparation of ceramsite sand
2. Metallurgy
Homogenization of steelmaking sludge (converter mud, converter ash, gas mud, gas ash and other auxiliary materials are strongly mixed, which can provide stable and stable raw materials for sintering)
Mixed preparation of molding sand
Refractory mixing
Mixing in the carbon industry
3. Environmental protection
Mixed preparation of denitrification agent (SCR)
Desulfurizer: using calcium carbide mud and auxiliary materials to force mixing to produce desulfurizer
4. Function
Mixing, crushing, depolymerizing, kneading, pelletizing, venting, plasticizing, reacting, separating, forming

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