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Two kinds of concrete mixers suitble for refractory material production- planetary concrete mixer and intenisve mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/26

Refractory castable is an unshaped refractory material made of granular and powdered refractory materials according to a certain composition, plus a certain amount of binder and water, and formed by stirring and vibration casting. It is widely used in metallurgy, glass, cement, petrochemical, and high-temperature industries.

Refractory castables are usually dry and have no fixed shape. Adding water or other liquids can be made into a slurry, paste, and loose shapes for pouring. After a period of hydration and solidification, a certain strength is obtained after casting and forming. It can be used directly without firing after baking.

refractory mixer

There are two types of concrete mixers are suitable for the production of refractory castables: planetary concrete mixer and intensive mixer

1. When the forced planetary concrete mixer is mixing materials, the mixing drum does not rotate, but the central vertical shaft rotates. The mixing arm adopts a mixing method that combines rotation and revolution, and the material moves in countercurrent relative to it.

The planetary mixer uses the forced stirring effect brought by the transmission device to perform strong shearing on refractory materials that are not easy to stir. Various types of refractory materials can achieve high uniform mixing effects.

planetary refractory mixer

2. The inclined intensive mixer is mixing equipment that uses the principle of countercurrent relative motion to repeatedly disperse and blend materials.

The two parts of the high-shear mixing rotor and the fast rotating disc of the CO-NELE inclined intensive mixer are independently driven. The stable and high-speed action form improves the process of the inclined intensive mixer and produces high-quality materials. The CO-NELE inclined intensive mixer can choose different mixing barrel materials and lining materials, and can also be designed for frequency conversion and uniform speed.

intensive refractory

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