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Use of planetary concrete mixer in prefabricated building

Autior : conele Time : 2020/10/19
With the development of the construction industry, more and more construction projects use precast concrete. Compared with traditional block buildings and cast-in-place reinforced buildings, prefabricated buildings are more convenient to use, which can be installed faster, and save energy. The overall structural performance of the precast concrete components is good, and the use of factory production can effectively ensure the principle of structural mechanics, and it is not easy to produce discrete phenomena. Precast concrete has a fast construction speed during use, good product quality, and can achieve a good decorative effect; factory production is energy-saving, is conducive to environmental protection, and reduces noise during on-site construction; and has good fire resistance.
The prefabricated building uses prefabricated components as the main components. The quality of the components themselves is the key to the quality of the entire project. A planetary concrete mixer is used to design a reasonable mix ratio of the concrete, and the mixing principles of physical and mechanical mechanics are fully utilized. Forced mechanical action such as cutting, kneading, and dispersing makes the mixing material run under the planetary trajectory to become a well-mixed material, which can improve the strength and properties of the material, ensure the respective performance and physical form of the raw material, and promote the high uniform dispersion of the material .
planetary concrete mixer
In the production process of precast concrete, the planetary concrete mixer is used for mixing, which can realize large-scale and batch production. The charging area of ​​the barrel is large, and the material has sufficient space for operation. The unique planetary mixing concept has strong stirring power, low noise, more energy saving and consumption reduction.
planetary concrete mixer

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