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Vertical Axis Planetary Mixer Used in Precast Concrete Mixing Plant

Autior : conele Time : 2020/06/16

After years of in-depth research, CO-NELE has launched a new type of special mixing station for PC component production lines to help prefabricated buildings, sponge cities, the Belt and Road, and the South-to-North Water Transfer Project.

The special mixing station for the new PC component production line uses the CO-NELE vertical axis planetary mixer as the main machine, which can meet the concrete mixing of various requirements. For various high-performance concrete mixing, CO-NELE PC prefabricated member concrete mixer has obvious dispersion of fibers .

The main unit of the PC component mixing station is equipped with an intelligent microwave humidity sensor, which uses the microwave to collect data for logical operations to realize automatic intelligent water addition in the material mixing process and improve concrete quality.

The PC prefabricated component mixing plant control system adopts fully automatic control and is equipped with a manual full process control platform. It has a beautiful and generous design and a convenient and user-friendly control concept, which makes the operation of the mixing plant simpler and more intelligent.


                 Vertical Axis Planetary Mixer Used in Precast Concrete Mixing Plant                vertical axis planetary mixer plant

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