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Vertical Shaft Concrete Mixer Used in Cement Production Line

Autior : conele Time : 2020/06/26

With the development of modern construction industry, the application of planetary mixing equipment in the cement product industry can be said to be crucial, which is directly related to the quality of cement products, so the requirements of users in various industries for mixing mechanical equipment are increasing. The concrete mixing equipment must not only meet the output demand of the production project, but also have the functional characteristics of intelligent control and automatic operation. That is to say, only by constantly innovating and strengthening can the stirring machinery keep up with the times and will not be eliminated by high technology.

The main axis of the cement product production line is the vertical axis planetary mixer. The vertical axis planetary mixer plays a major role in the production of cement products. Its production process and structural configuration directly affect the quality of cement concrete. The effect of planetary mixer is better. Most of the main mixers of cement production lines on the market are vertical shaft mixers. Koniler vertical shaft planetary mixer is a widely used mixer brand in concrete production.

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