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Vertical planetary mixing mode realizes high-quality mixing of concrete

Autior : conele Time : 2020/10/28
The prefabricated component mixer adopts the planetary mixing mode to scientifically and rationally design the concrete ratio. The vertical planetary mixing mode has faster efficiency, lower energy consumption, more uniform mixing, no stacking phenomenon, and full foundation of each component under the mode coordination. 
planetary concrete mixer
The precast concrete mixer makes full use of the mixing principle of material mechanical mechanics. The forced mixing principle can strengthen the strong mixing work of the equipment, realize the high-energy mixture of materials under the planetary mixing track, and largely complete the high uniform production effect of the equipment. The precast concrete mixer can complete various concrete production conditions to a large extent, improve the mixing strength and mixing properties of the materials. The planetary mixing mode promotes the high homogeneity and dispersion of the materials, and realizes the high-quality mixing of concrete materials.
planetary concrete mixer

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