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Vertical shaft mixer new upgrade - planetary concrete mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2018/07/18
The in-depth development of industrialization and prefabricated buildings, and the related industrial machinery applications are also increasingly widespread. The production of various types of concrete and building materials cannot be separated from the production process of mixing. The quality of the mixture directly affects the performance of the final product. The mixing ability of the mixing mixer is good or bad.
In the past, in the case of cement prefabricated products, the twin-shaft concrete mixer was used, but it was not the most effective and suitable equipment. 
Vertical shaft mixer new upgrade - planetary concrete mixer
The upgrade of the planetary vertical shaft mixer compared with the traditional vertical shaft mixer on the stirring device is that there is an effective intersection between the rotation and not only the rotation but also the revolution, the stirring strength is enhanced, and the mixing uniformity is improved.
The planetary vertical shaft mixer fundamentally solves the problem of mixing uniformity of the mixture. The planetary vertical shaft mixer mixing arm pushes the front material forward; the agitated material is subjected to centrifugal force to perform circumferential circulation and convection motion; during this period, materials will also be used. Relative extrusion and shearing are generated, and the force is also turned upward under this force; the material behind the stirring arm of the planetary vertical shaft mixer replenishes the gap left by the front material, and the material is moved downward by gravity. This mix has both horizontal and vertical motion.
The planetary vertical shaft mixer solves the problem of uniformity of mixing of the twin-shaft concrete mixer.

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