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Vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer has high use value

Autior : conele Time : 2020/09/08

With the rapid development of the machinery industry, people have higher and higher requirements for mixing equipment. Compared with the traditional mixers, the vertical shaft planetary mixers produced now have great progress. The traditional mixers are controlled based on electrical technology, which has low control efficiency, high energy consumption, and insufficient mixing efficiency. With the continuous advancement of technology, the planetary concrete mixer can automatically adjust and control according to the different properties of the materials and the actual operating conditions, overcome some of the above drawbacks, and meet the requirements of environmental protection and high efficiency.

planetary concrete mixer     planetary concrete mixer

Production requirements of vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer:

The vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer homogenizes the material through the optimized structure ratio and scientific device settings. During the mixing process, the various devices cooperate with each other, coupled with highly automated operation. The whole mixing process is highly efficient, has no dead ends, high product quality, and is suitable for various production lines.


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