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What brand of vertical axis planetary concrete mixer is cost-effective?

Autior : conele Time : 2018/05/18
With the introduction of Europe's advanced technology principles, the CO-NELE brand has been widely used in the industry by the MP series vertical shaft planetary mixer developed and produced by the domestic Konera Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. The CO-NELE vertical axis planetary mixer has the advantage of rapidly stirring all high-quality concrete (dry, semi-rigid and plastic concrete) and achieve high homogeneity in a short time. The CMP mixer can be used not only for mixing concrete, but also for glass, ceramics, and refractory materials.
vertical axis planetary concrete mixer
The CO-NELE vertical axis planetary mixer is the company's flagship product. The MP series vertical axis planetary concrete mixer is a concrete mixer developed and manufactured using German technology. This type of mixer is not only suitable for ordinary commercial concrete, precast concrete mixing, but also can be applied to the production and stirring of glass, ceramics, refractories and other products, and it solves the problems of various high performance concrete mixing. The specially designed stirring device makes the stirring speed faster and the stirring more uniform; the mixing blades are more resistant to wear; the elastic coupling and the hydraulic coupler (option) can effectively protect the drive system from the impact of overload; special R&D The gear box can distribute the power balance to each stirring device effectively and ensure the mixer operates with low noise even under the harsh production conditions; the large size inspection door facilitates the inspection and cleaning; the high pressure cleaning device and the moisture content tester can Alternative
 precast concrete mixing