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What type of mobile precast concrete mixing plant equipment is available, how is the price?

Autior : conele Time : 2018/09/27
The construction machinery industry is developing rapidly, and more and more people are investing in equipment for mixing stations. CO-NELE reminds everyone that to buy a mixing station equipment, you must first determine how many types of equipment you need, and then understand the price.
mobile precast concrete mixing plant
What are the models of precast concrete mixing plant equipment?
CO-NELE produces a full range of national standard mobile concrete mixing plant equipment. The specific models include MBP08, MBP10, MBP15, MBP20 and other mobile concrete mixing plants and MP vertical axis planetary mixers, and CHS twin-shaft concrete mixers. Urban construction, highways, high-speed railways, bridges, rural roads and bridges, buildings and other large, medium and small construction projects play an effective role in energy conservation.
Generally speaking, the customer chooses the model of the mixing station, which can be considered from the market, site, capital, etc. If the customer's market demand is large, and the customer resources are wide, the site, capital and other aspects can also bear, then invest in large and medium-sized mixing. Station equipment, as soon as possible to recover the investment, to achieve revenue can be considered. In the case of small and medium-sized cities and new rural construction areas, small-type mixing plant equipment is ideal.
Concrete mixing plant equipment price analysis
For the specific price of the mixing station equipment, it needs to be calculated according to the actual order details of the user. Because there are not many models of the mixing station, in the actual process of establishing the mixing station, the specific configuration and parameter requirements of the batching machine, the number of cement silos, the control system, the feeding device, etc. required by different users are different, so the mixing is performed. The price of the station equipment cannot be generalized, depending on the detailed configuration requirements and the model selection of the mixing station equipment.
If you don't know how to buy a suitable concrete mixing plant, CO-NELE sales managers and engineers will provide you with technical support.