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Why do we choose planetary concrete mixer for manufacturing lightweight foam concrete

Autior : conele Time : 2020/08/25
Foamed concrete is made by the foaming system, and evenly mix the foam and cement slurry, and then pass through the pumping system of the foaming machine for in-situ construction or mold forming. A new type of lightweight insulation material with a large number of closed pores formed by curing. However, the concrete produced by different foam concrete mixers is definitely different, mainly because each mixer has different structural configurations, design principles, mixing tracks and design styles, and the foaming effects achieved are also different.
Commonly used foam concrete mixers are planetary concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer. The author recommends the use of planetary concrete mixers for foam concrete production. The reasons are as follows:
The planetary forced foam concrete mixer uses two shafts to perform physical foaming. The vertical shaft planetary mixer adopts a chemical foaming method. The rotation of the planetary mixing shaft is used to mix the foam concrete with a combination of rotation and revolution. The mixing is relatively complicated. Utilizing the combination of advanced mixing concept and complex mixing trajectory, the trajectory movement is more diversified and the foaming speed is fast.
planetary concrete mixer   planetary concrete mixer

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