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js1000 twin horizontal shaft concrete mixer sales price

Autior : conele Time : 2018/06/30



CO-NELE JS1000 concrete mixer technical date
Model JS1000/CTS1000
Out capacity 1000L
Input capacity


Mixer volume 1000L
Number of Mixing arm 2x7
Motor Power 37kw
Hydraulic pump power 3kw
Mixer weight 5000kg
Dimension 2750*2080*1965mm


Features of  CO-NELE JS1000 concrete mixer :


JS1000 concrete mixer Is a twin-shaft forced concrete mixer


 The shaft end seal is equipped with a multi-layer floating oil seal ring seal protection;

Equipped with fully automatic lubrication system, four independent oil pumps for oil supply, high working pressure and excellent performance;
The mixing arm is arranged at an angle of 90°, which is suitable for stirring large granular materials;
Equipped with sturdy and durable integral discharge door, the discharge speed is fast and the adjustment is simple and reliable;
Optional screw nozzle, Italian original reducer, German original automatic lubrication pump, high pressure cleaning device, temperature and humidity test system;


JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer structure picture:


   twin -shaft concrete mixer mixing devicejs1000 concrete mixer  Qingdao CO-NELE system | Qingdao CO-NELE CMS

             Concrete  mixing arm structure          js1000 concrete mixer mixing device                        Discharging device



Application of JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer 


1、Mortar wall panels, subway segments, slabs, stairs, box culverts, prefabricated bridges, PCCP prestressed pipes, water supply pipes, RPC covers,

2, permeable bricks, pavement bricks, autoclaved bricks, hydraulic block bricks, lime sand bricks, floor tiles, etc.
3, pipe pile industry
4. Sludge treatment
5, manganese residue treatment
6, solid waste processing line
7, environmental protection material stirring
8. Stir welding material
9. High-quality concrete (dry, semi-rigid and plastic concrete, high-grade concrete)
10, foam lightweight concrete
11,cement pipe, power pole

twin shaft concrete mixer sales price

Specific sales price, please consult sales manager