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High quality planetary concrete mixer for sale

Autior : conele Time : 2018/10/27
Planetary concrete mixers have become the core equipment for the production in today's industry. The special planetary operation mode of the mixers forms a dense track of layers, which makes the mixing materials form a highly uniform material. The overall structure design of the planetary concrete mixer promotes the smoothness of the material mixing. The rotation and revolution of the mixing tool cooperate with the use of the side scraper to enable effective agitation in all corners of the mixing drum. Therefore, the industry of the vertical axis planetary mixer is very useful wide.
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Advantages of using planetary concrete mixers
1. Flexible discharge
    The planetary concrete mixer discharge door can be designed at the bottom of the mixer, which can be realized by cylinder or hydraulic pressure. It can also be designed for side opening and unloading. The number of discharge doors can reach three, so one mixer can be used for multiple production lines. .
2. Small wear and long service life
    Planetary concrete mixer planetary operation matches the vertical disc structure design, which reduces the wear caused by the mixer stirring device and the stirring lining and material agitation, saving equipment use cost.
3. Stirring evenly, low energy consumption
    Both the working principle and the design of the mixer structure bring high-efficiency agitation to the planetary concrete mixer. The space application of the planetary concrete mixer is very sufficient, and the energy release of the stirring device is sufficient, so that the mixing motion of the mixing material is more ideal. The mixing effect can be completed in a very short time, and the stirring energy consumption is very low.
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