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Ten Advantages of CO-NELE's Planetary Concrete Mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2018/11/02
Ten Advantages of CO-NELE's Planetary  Concrete  Mixer
The vertical axis planetary mixer industry is highly competitive in the market. CO-NELE Machinery can stand in the vertical axis planetary mixer market and develop into a leader in the industry. It relies on continuous innovation of equipment, high process standards and strict production requirements. What are the unique advantages of vertical axis planetary mixer equipment?
Qingdao CO-NELE system | Qingdao CO-NELE CMS
Ten Advantages of CO-NELE's Planetary  Concrete  Mixer
1.Specially designed deceleration device, constant temperature, clean room for installation, lower noise, stable and reliable operation, and prolonged service life.
2.The single motor drive mode is adopted to effectively prevent the transmission from being synchronized and ensure the reliable operation of the mixer.
3.The transmission gear adopts the oil bath lubrication method to improve the transmission efficiency and ensure the service life of the gear.
4.The mixing blade is designed in a parallelogram structure for secondary re-use, and the patented design reduces the user's use cost.
Qingdao CO-NELE system | Qingdao CO-NELE CMS
5.The wear-resistant sheath is designed for the stirring arm to improve the comprehensive wear resistance of the vertical-axis planetary mixer stirring device, and the replacement is very convenient.
6.The mixing arm is clamped to improve the utilization of the blades.
7.The inspection door of the vertical axis planetary mixer is designed as a split structure, with large opening area and convenient maintenance. It is equipped with safety devices and sealing devices to make the vertical axis planetary mixer safer and better.
8.The upper-mounted waterway structure design solves the phenomenon of residual admixture and water in the pipeline, avoiding losses caused by the customer's replacement of the formula.
9.A multi-layer sealing device is designed on the discharge door to ensure the sealing performance of the mixer.
10.The vertical axis planetary mixer barrel is equipped with a safety emergency stop switch, which is easier to operate in case of emergency.