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CO-NELE Intensive Mixer Equipment Advanced

Autior : conele Time : 2018/11/06
     CO-NELE Intensive Mixer is a patented product developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing the technical advantages of similar products at home and abroad. It is durable and easy to maintain. The shape of the mixing tool can be selected according to the mixture, and our company has already A reliable choice for wear resistant materials.
Qingdao CO-NELE system | Qingdao CO-NELE CMS
The advanced advantages of CO-NELE intensive mixer
1. The effect of homogenization treatment obtained by the intensive mixer in the shortest time
2. Strong mixer keeps excellent quality of mixed materials for a long time
3. The powerful mixer operation mode is intermittent operation
4.Strength mixer structural parts are repaired and less wearing parts. The surface of the mixing blade is coated with hard alloy wear-resistant layer to effectively improve the service life of the blade.
5. The powerful mixer has simple operation and maintenance, reliable operation, and adopts the original open gear injection lubrication system, which effectively improves the lubrication effect of the open gear and improves the service life of the gear.
Qingdao CO-NELE system | Qingdao CO-NELE CMS