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Vertical Concrete Mixer Advantage

Autior : conele Time : 2018/11/20
Vertical Concrete Mixer Advantage
At present, most mixers and mixers on the market have a dead angle of mixing, which results in poor mixing uniformity of the mixture, poor consistency of the mixing quality of the mixture, poor flow of the logistics, and leakage of the spindle. Various problems such as the shaft; in the transmission, the level of stability is also uneven. Based on the mixing characteristics of the concrete industry, PNvertical concrete mixer continuously optimizes and innovates the technical integration of various material mixing characteristics. It aims at the mixing characteristics of many industries, upgrades the technology, and improves the mixing uniformity of the vertical axis planetary mixer. The stability of work makes the use of vertical concrete mixer no longer limited to concrete related industries, expanding to the whole industry of refractory materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, sludge environmental protection treatment, ceramsite, ceramics, glass mixing and so on.
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The vertical concrete mixer also includes the following advantages:
1. Long-term use
Vertical concrete mixer is a vertical-axis planetary mixer made of high-quality alloy and medium-thick steel plate. Through scientific and reasonable structural design, it can greatly improve the durability of the mixer and prolong the life of the mixer.
2. Environmentally friendly low energy consumption
The vertically designed mixer of the vertical concrete mixer guarantees excellent mechanical performance. The energy consumption of the mixer is not higher than that of the ordinary mixer, and it is more in line with the requirements of the modern industry for environmental protection standards.
Qingdao CO-NELE system | Qingdao CO-NELE CMS
3. Reduce costs
Compared to conventional mixers, vertical concrete mixers reduce equipment failure and increase equipment utilization. The reason why vertical concrete mixer is called zero failure rate is because the overall performance of the mixer is stable and reliable, there is no equipment problem in the ordinary mixer, it is convenient and quick in maintenance, and the equipment uses zero concern. The mixer is more reusable in terms of some wearing parts.
4. High efficiency
The vertical mixing mixer's unique mixing and mixing structure design greatly increases the production capacity of the applied production and promotes the high efficiency and high quality of production.