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Double Shaft Concrete Mixer Product Details

Autior : conele Time : 2018/11/27
The double shaft concrete mixer operates in such a way that the motor runs through the coupling to move the agitator shaft, and the blade forces the material to move from one side to the other. Such a spiral angle forms a uniform agitation material and is finally discharged through the discharge device. Double shaft concrete mixer guarantees the function and capacity of the mixer through reasonable equipment operation and operation mode. The equipment of Double shaft concrete mixer has high performance, strong mixing ability, uniform material quality after rapid production, and concrete for various properties. The effect is very good. 
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Double shaft concrete mixer
1.Double shaft concrete mixer equipment is durable, and the operation mode of the mixer makes the relevant equipment configuration combined with it, and the life of the mixer equipment is more guaranteed.
2.Double shaft concrete mixer In order to ensure the full operation of the equipment, the twin-shaft forced mixer uses a planetary gearbox. The mixer achieves high efficiency and high torque, but the running noise is very low, the equipment load capacity is strong, and the impact resistance is high.
3.Double shaft concrete mixer enhances the agitation and reduces wear. The mixer optimizes the agitator and improves the structure of the cylinder, which enhances the agitation of the mixer and reduces the wear of the wearing parts. The agitation pressure concentrated in the agitation center enhances the wear resistance by optimizing the material of the lining and optimizing the form of the agitating arm. The working capacity of the twin-shaft forced mixer can be fully utilized, and the combination of the reinforcing materials is active and the stirring is more effective.
4.Double shaft concrete mixer multi-line water spray system, so that the mixer water is evenly sprayed, the equipment is cleaned and cleaned.
Double shaft concrete mixer fully meets the production needs of the current industry. Through the efficient operation of the mixer, the material can be fully and completely stirred during the mixing process, which can speed up the mixing speed. The use of this equipment will not pollute the environment and reduce the pollution. The work intensity of workers improves the quality and efficiency of production in the industry.
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