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CO-NELE Planetary Concrete Mixer Product Performance

Autior : conele Time : 2019/01/03
CO-NELE Planetary Concrete Mixer Product Performance
A.planetary concrete mixer works
The planetary ball is moved by a stirring tool and a scraping tool mounted on a designed drive plate to achieve zero dead angle stirring in the mixing drum.
conele planetary concrete mixer
B.planetary concrete mixer equipment performance
1.planetary concrete mixer uses low energy consumption, compared with the same working capacity of the mixer reduces energy consumption in 30%-50%;
2.planetary concrete mixer has high mixing uniformity and uniformity of 97-99%. The almost perfect mixing ability can well stir a variety of materials.
3.planetary concrete mixer completes the effect of excellent stirring, the mixing time used is short, the mixing time is generally controlled at 1-3min;
4.planetary concrete mixer is simple in structure, compact in design, small in space occupation, simple in maintenance and convenient in maintenance;
5.planetary concrete mixer is flexible in layout, 1-3 discharge doors can be selected for different types of production line requirements.