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Intensive Mixer Comparable To Eirich Mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2019/02/28
CO-NELE CQM intensive mixer is equipped with high work quality, mixing speed and efficiency, and CO-NELE has a comprehensive after-sales service department to solve your problems and provide professional services.
The stirring of the CQM intensive mixer is counter-current. The direction of rotation of the mixing tool is opposite to the direction of the tray. This makes the mixing of the material more intense, the material mixing time is shorter and the efficiency is higher. CQM intensive mixer can mix a variety of materials, such as refractory materials, building materials, ceramics, ceramsite, metallurgy, casting and other industries, and can adjust the rotation speed of the machine according to the characteristics of these materials, making it more compatible with materials. The quality of the material that is stirred is higher.
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CQM intensive mixer can adapt to a variety of complex environments, for the mixing of a variety of materials, the material has a unique three-dimensional motion track in the barrel, compared to other mixers, CQM intensive mixer mixing effect is stronger.
The intensive mixer has a higher advantage in performance usage:
(1) Intensive mixer adopts inclined structure design to make the structure more reasonable and the mixing level higher.
(2) Intensive mixer can adapt to a variety of complex environments, and can also carry out multi-effect material mixing under harsh conditions.