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Precast Concrete Mixing Station Technical Requirements

Autior : conele Time : 2019/03/26
Precast concrete mixing station Technical requirements
The Precast concrete mixing station is operated by a vertical-axis planetary mixer. It is a complete set of special equipment for preparing fresh concrete. It produces products that meet the quality requirements by conveying, stirring and discharging the materials according to the preset ratio.
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The Precast concrete mixing station adopts the vertical axis planetary mixer as the main machine. Its working principle is that the motor output end drives the planetary deceleration device to work. The generated power is output by the planetary deceleration device as the revolution of the side scraper and the discharge scraper. The self-rotation and the high-speed rotation of the auxiliary agitation form a complex movement mode that has both revolution and rotation, and the rotation is also differential, so that the agitation movement trajectory is more complicated, the agitation movement is more intense, the efficiency is high, and the agitation uniformity is obtained. higher.
Precast concrete mixing station adopts industrial PC control, Windows operating system, full Chinese menu display; ingredients are stored in preset and can be randomly called, can be modified or permanently saved; the whole process of each device is simulated and equipped with sound and light alarm; Precast The concrete mixing station adopts the vertical shaft planetary mixer independently produced by our company. The transmission is stable, compact structure, novel style, excellent performance, economical and durable, convenient installation and maintenance, no leakage problem. The main electrical components are Schneider or Siemens. Brand.