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Numerous Industry Applications For Vertical Shaft Planetary Mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2019/05/20
Numerous industry applications for Vertical shaft planetary mixer
1.Vertical shaft planetary mixer is used in the environmental protection industry. These areas include the reuse of various sludge materials, industrial tailings, mine tailings, and agitation solutions for the processing and reuse of raw materials for river silt. The planetary vertical shaft mixer is used to solve the problem that the mixture is difficult to stir due to the special properties of the raw materials. Even problem.
2.Vertical shaft linear mixer Specializes in solving special kinds of mixing materials of different natures, or different density, different particle size, or different mixing ratios. The vertical axis planetary mixer industry has many use cases. For details, please call us.
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3.Vertical shaft planetary mixer For the refractory industry, this is a relatively wide range of areas which can include the production and processing of various shaped refractories (refractory bricks) and the production of amorphous materials (ceramic, glass, refractory mud). Wait.
4.Vertical shaft planetary mixer is used in the production and processing of building materials and new building materials. The use of vertical axis planetary mixers is impeccable in the production and processing of some materials in this field. In the batch and zero production of various cement prefabricated parts, the production of foam concrete, the production of industrial materials with various fiber components, the mixing work is not easily accomplished by other mixers, and the planetary vertical shaft mixer can quickly complete the mixing of high quality raw materials. Promote the production of high quality products.