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Introduction Of Working Characteristics Of Vertical Axis Planetary Mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2019/05/20

mixing tool of planetary concrete mixer

  The vertical axis planetary mixer is highly professional. The mixing tool can be combined with the rotation and the revolution. The opposite force exerts a greater impact on the material. The mixing trajectory can cover the entire mixing drum, and the material in each corner can be stirred and the uniformity is higher.

  The vertical axis planetary mixer is a necessary mixing and mixing tool for many industries. The high-efficiency mixing ability can quickly realize the uniformity of the mixture. CO-NELE provides a full range of vertical axis planetary mixer models,

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advantage of planetary concrete mixer

  1.high working efficiency

  2.easy operation

  3.reliable operation.

  4.Easy to maintain

  The stirring trajectory of the CO-NELE vertical axis planetary mixer is a non-dead angle trajectory curve with high stirring efficiency and high mixing homogeneity, which is summarized on the basis of years of painstaking research and field test. The vertical axis planetary mixer transports this process. The speed increasing mode, the stirring is fast and labor-saving, the trajectory curve belongs to the layer progressive, more and more dense structure, the stirring trajectory covers the entire mixing drum, avoiding the stirring low efficiency zone and no leakage.