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Market use of CO-NELE twin-shaft concrete mixer

Autior : conele Time : 2019/05/17
      The twin-shaft concrete mixer is a multi-functional equipment.The stirring mechanism is a horizontal agitating shaft arranged in the cylinder.The mixing blade mounted on the shaft.When working,the rotating shaft drives the blade to shear and squeeze the object in the cylinder.Forced agitation of pressing and flipping.The batch mixing in vigorous relative motion.
  The twin shaftconcrete mixer is a new type of multi-functional concrete mixing machine.It is an advanced and ideal machine at home and abroad.
twin shaft concrete mixer manufacture
twin shaft concrete mixer manufacture
  Advantage of twin shaft concrete mixer
  1.High automation
  2.Good mixing quality
  3.High efficiency
  4.Low energy consumption
  5.Low noise and operation.
  6.Convenient,fast unloading speed
  7.Long service life of lining and blade
  8.Convenient maintenance and so on.
  Co-nele twin shaft concrete mixer coagulator mixing materials,The movement track of materials is interwoven in a concentrated area.
  The whole material mixing in the middle producing friction.
  Increase the cross frequency of material movement times and movement track,
  Achieve concrete macro and micro uniformity to create the most favorable conditions.
CHS2000 twin shaft concrete mixer
CHS2000 twin shaft concrete mixer